What does a project manager do at PANTOPIX? – Interview with Oliver Haug

Oliver Haug has been working as a project manager at PANTOPIX since September 2023. After school, he first trained as a media designer for image and sound and worked in TV and film for several years. After studying at the Stuttgart Media University, Oliver ended up as a classic career changer in project management and has been working in this field with great passion ever since.

Oliver hasn’t been on board for very long, but it’s hard to imagine everyday project life without him and he’s a great support for all stakeholders. We asked Oliver a few questions about his role at PANTOPIX and his first few months with us.

Oliver, you’ve only been working at PANTOPIX for a few months and are already in the middle of the projects.
How did you experience onboarding and the first weeks and months?
The first weeks and months were very exciting for me. Joining an ongoing project is always a special task. You join an existing project team and spend a while understanding the structure and processes and familiarizing yourself with the underlying technologies. My colleagues were extremely helpful and always took a lot of time to answer my questions.

What are your main tasks in your role as project manager?
Basically, I think my role can be compared to a spider in a web. As the central point of contact for all internal and external team members, I try to prepare information in such a way that everyone has an overview of the overall project at all times. It is then always a matter of weighing up the various interests and setting priorities on this basis.

Can you share an example of a project where your role helped to successfully achieve the goals?
It is very difficult for me to answer this question. In my opinion, project goals are always achieved by a project team. I see myself primarily in the role of a facilitator or moderator who supports the project team in coordination and communication.

What strategic challenges do you typically see in the implementation of projects and how do you deal with them?
I believe that the topic of agility will become even more important in project management in the future. In an agile project, it is actually necessary to constantly question and check at all times whether the current project implementation is still in line with the project objectives. It is also possible that the original project objectives are put to the test. In this case, the course of the project must always remain adaptable with regard to the actual value creation.

What skills or personal qualities do you think a project manager should have in order to support customer projects at PANTOPIX?
I think the most important thing is to be and remain curious. In my role, it’s more about asking the right questions than knowing all the answers. You should also have no fear of contact and regularly look for personal contact.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Since I’ve been at PANTOPIX, I haven’t had a single day that I would describe as “typical”. Every day is different and unique. I particularly like that here.

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