We link your information.

Do you want to provide your information intelligently and access it flexibly at any time? Do you want to link information from different data silos – for example, bring together service and spare parts information in one place? Then you need a knowledge graph that intelligently links this information through context and relationships and enables you to make new and better decisions based on this linked information.

From numerous customer projects, we have many years of experience in developing knowledge graphs that we design along your processes and requirements.

What are knowledge graphs?

A knowledge graph is a knowledge domain: it contains a controlled vocabulary, one or more ontologies, and instance data to make knowledge of a domain available. In a knowledge graph, information is represented in terms of nodes and edges, not strings. This creates a semantic, machine-readable knowledge network. A knowledge graph thus provides a single structure for heterogeneous information from different data sets.

Data becomes knowledge: With a knowledge graph, a digital data layer is created over existing data silos so that all data can be linked and related.

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Karsten Schrempp