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We value our partners with many years of experience in the various sectors. And we share the aspiration to drive good solutions forward together. Our particular strength lies in synergy. Because we know the market in detail, we know what will help you – and what we can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Our system partners

BaseX GmbH

BaseX are database experts and support customers in storing, managing, editing, analysing, searching and maintaining their data with standardised XML technologies. From secure capture and media-neutral storage to the high-performance processing of large amounts of data and the connection of a wide range of output channels. BaseX supports the modelling of workflows and the migration of entire databases.


DOCUFY develops high-quality software solutions for technical documentation, design, and service. From technology startups to global industrial groups – our more than 900 customers operate in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, and the software sector. Over 130 employees have been contributing to DOCUFY’s sustainable success with their expertise for over 25 years.

We offer consulting and development services for our software products in order to customize our standard solutions to the specific requirements of our customers. With the DOCUFY Suite, we have created solutions to tap into the potential of company-wide information and deliver it to specific users. From design to maintenance – throughout the entire product life cycle: Excellent Information. Everywhere.

Empolis Information Management GmbH

Empolis Information Management GmbH is the leading provider of Spart Information Management software for the holistic creation, management, analysis, intelligent processing and provision of all information relevant to a business process. Many well-known national and international companies as well as public institutions rely on Empolis solutions and over 25 years of industry and process know-how. With the Empolis Content LifeCycle System (CLS), Empolis offers a modern module-oriented component content management system for XML and other content formats. As an editorial system, the CLS supports in particular the creation, maintenance, management, translation and publication of (technical) documentation, publishing content, sets of rules, extensive text corpus and comparable content, for which modularisation and reuse as well as dynamic publishing are central requirements.

Expert Communication Systems GmbH

Expert Communication Systems GmbH, based in Haar near Munich, is the manufacturer of the browser-based XML editing system Smart Media Creator. Thanks to modern technologies and structures, SMC is characterised by high efficiency and user-friendliness and can be used in numerous areas of technical documentation and technical marketing. Examples of use are: Manuals / instructions, catalogues / data sheets, software documentation / online help, web content and mobile devices, e-learning or marketing media. Expert Communication Systems offers comprehensive services around the introduction and use of the editorial system and thus contributes to a fast and secure ROI of SMC projects of very different sizes.

Fischer Information Technology AG

Fischer Information Technology is one of the most innovative providers in the segment of enterprise software for the continuous digitalisation of product information. For 35 years, we have been offering our customers future-oriented software solutions – the Sherlock information platform, the Content Delivery Portal 2.0 and the TIM editorial system – to digitise all types of product information end-to-end and to master the digital transformation – from diverse sources and in every phase of the product life cycle. We bring the information to the user. We digitise understanding.

Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics turns your technical content into engaging user experiences. User guides, reference manuals, installation and maintenance manuals and knowledge bases aren’t merely product documentation – they are also tools for winning business, fostering product adoption, and boosting operational efficiency. Fluid Topics is the leading Content Delivery Platform for technical documentation. It collects content from existing sources, transforms it into actionable information, and makes it accessible to users, applications and processes. Unlock your content and power your business with Fluid Topics.

gds GmbH

gds specialises in the development of software products for creating, distributing, updating and using electronic publications. With these products and solutions based on our software EB. Suite software, handling even extensive information resources becomes child’s play. They enable you to create easy-to-use yet powerful, mobile electronic documentation. Fields of application are, for example, company-wide information portals, service information systems, spare parts catalogues with links to descriptive information. The workflow is designed for automated and lean, simple and effective processes.


Graphifi, based in the UK, provides products and services to deliver value from enterprise knowledge graphs, structured content and AI. Graphifi has three products – GraphologiEasyGraph and GraphAI. Graphologi is an easy to use enterprise class taxonomy and ontology management solution. EasyGraph is a platform that allows knowledge graph APIs to be set up with just a few clicks and to quickly and easily explore the information. GraphAI combines the power of knowledge graphs and AI. The products can work independently or together. The Graphifi team works closely with customers to really understand use cases, recommend and build appropriate solutions and help achieve the goal of showing business value quickly.

Oxygen XML Editor/ Syncro Soft

Syncro Soft is a privately held software company founded in 1998, with broad expertise in XML technologies and single source publishing. Syncro Soft develops the cutting-edge XML editor, which enables teams in small businesses, as well as Fortune 500 corporations, universities, government agencies and international organisations to create documents, generate them in multiple formats, collaborate with other team members and manage content. empowers XML developers to develop complex stylesheets, create schemas, generate documentation, check out files and connect databases. It is the only tool that supports all XML schema languages. It offers the most comprehensive state-of-the-art XML technologies; complies with standards such as those of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other organisations; and enhances performance by providing an intuitive and innovative environment for editing and development.


Ontotext is a global leader in enterprise knowledge graph technology and semantic database engines and a trusted technology provider since 2000. Their technologies and solutions are spread wide across the value chain of the most knowledge-intensive enterprises in Financial Services, Publishing, Healthcare, Pharma, Industry, Public sectors and Defense. GraphDB is their leading RDF database for knowledge graphs. It allows you to link diverse data, index it for semantic search and enrich it via text analysis pipelines to build big knowledge graphs. GraphDB open-sourced its front-end and engine plugins to further empower knowledge graph solutions.

plusmeta GmbH

Karlsruhe-based plusmeta GmbH makes technical information smarter through cloud-based software. Our platform analyses complex content with the help of artificial intelligence and automatically generates associated metadata and semantic structures. This enables modern applications that rely on an intelligent database, such as digital assistants in service, Industry 4.0 applications, chatbots or company portals.

PoolParty / Semantic Web Company GmbH

PoolParty is a semantic technology platform developed by the Semantic Web Company. SWC is the leading provider of graph-based knowledge technologies and offers the most comprehensive semantic middleware platform on the global market: PoolParty Semantic Suite, an innovative and enterprise-grade technology platform that enables organisations to create and manage knowledge graphs and semantic knowledge models as the basis for various AI applications.

Quanos Service Solutions GmbH

Docware and TID Informatik have combined their competences and passion in the field of spare parts catalogues and service information systems and from now on act as Quanos Service Solutions. Under the motto “passion for smart information”, Quanos Service Solutions, with its modular standard catalogue software products CATALOGcreator® and PARTS-PUBLISHER, takes the top position in the market for digital spare parts catalogues and service information systems.

Quanos Content Solutions GmbH

Quanos Content Solutions is the software specialist for the creation and distribution of smart information. At its headquarters and development site in Nuremberg, the company, founded in 1995 under the name SCHEMA, employs over 140 people. The XML editing system SCHEMA ST4 and SCHEMA CDS are among the most widely used systems for modularized work in technical editing and documentation and are currently used by more than 600 customers. The widely used XML editing system SCHEMA ST4 is part of the standard equipment of every modern technical editing department, and SCHEMA CDS makes smart information smartly accessible. With these tools, editors realise smart information without problems and publish it in all conceivable formats and layouts.

RWS Group

RWS is the global leader in content management and translation technology and services — 90 of the top 100 global companies work with RWS. Tridion, our content management platform, helps enterprises to create, manage, translate and deliver high volumes of multilingual content to any digital device. Tridion offers a complete portfolio of collaborative content management, knowledge management and headless delivery platforms.

STAR Group

STAR offers custom solutions for global product communication in the areas of translation, technical documentation, electronic publication, semantic information management (based on knowledge graphs), 3D/video/AR/VR/voice and workflow automation. With over 35 years of experience, STAR is the partner who provides information based on the situation and in a way that can be evaluated – for all media and technologies, in all languages, at any time, across the world. STAR’s GRIPS and PRISMA solutions for technical editing and the semantic management of product information are exceptionally innovative solutions that are ideal for companies that want to implement or expand digitalization widely and sustainably.

Our project partners

Dokuwerk KG

Dokuwerk is a full-service provider for technical documentation and translations. The creation is based on the Funktionsdesign® method and usually uses SCHEMA ST4. Dokuwerk, with locations in Friedrichshafen and Hamm, is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100. In addition to the partnership with Pantopix, Dokuwerk is a Gold Partner of Quanos Content Solutions and Authorised Partner of Quanos Service Solutions. Dokuwerk complements and supports PANTOPIX services in the analysis and conception of product information as well as in editorial tasks, e.g. in the course of a data migration, creation of an editorial guide or sample documentation.


The experienced team of consultants provides support in the analysis, specification and selection of technology or support during the introduction and operation of new system solutions in the area of information and content management. Whether standard editorial system, project-specific adaptations or company-wide information portals – together with icms, the decision is made for an efficient system solution that finds the best acceptance with all those affected. With ICMS GmbH, PANTOPIX always has a competent partner at its side.

parson AG

As a leading provider of smart content and intelligent information solutions, parson helps customers to digitize their content processes and introduce a sustainable content strategy. This digitization strategy includes technical solutions, such as content management, product data management and information portals, as well as a suitable information architecture. For products, software, and services, parson creates semantically enriched, modular content, for example, user documentation, programming instructions, online help, e-learning content, and technical specifications. This way, users can access the right information at the right time and get personalized assistance in their work. parson works independent of system suppliers and has a strong focus on open standards.

Our memberships

tekom Deutschland e.V.

The Society for Technical Communication – tekom Deutschland e.V. has been committed since 1978 to raising the status of technical communication within companies and to the further development of the job profile of the technical writer.

tekom iiRDS Consortium

The field of technical communication is gearing up for the age of digitalisation and the IoT. Right in the middle: iiRDS, the tekom standard for the provision of intelligent information. iiRDS, short for intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard, enables the provision of intelligent information – independent of different industries and manufacturers. The standard acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and customers: manufacturers can provide various customers with the required usage information in a standardised way, and customers in turn can easily integrate information from various manufacturers into their systems. This is achieved through the underlying standardised metadata, which makes content semantically accessible and enables documentation content to be exchanged and used across manufacturer boundaries.

KVD - Der Service-Verband

The KVD is Europe’s largest and most important professional association for decision-makers and talents in the service sector. It supports specialists and managers in shaping their service business. Members benefit across all sectors: the KVD network is made up of service experts from different sectors – from mechanical and plant engineering to consumer goods and household appliances to software developers and IT start-ups, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises from the SME sector are represented here just as much as large international corporations.

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