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Our offer

With the appropriate information systems and suitable interfaces, it is easy to provide product information for print and online catalogues or other (digital) publications. online catalogues or other (digital) publications. Together, we define rules that enable you to simplify processes, avoid simplify processes, avoid errors and create customer-oriented publications.

Output definition

We define the presentation of your data together. This can vary significantly depending on the user group and media channel. For example, there is already a considerable difference between a print and an online presentation.

The following aspects are of great importance:

  • Correct presentation in online shops and e-commerce applications
  • Optimisation of data for search engines and shopping portals (e.g. through integration of meta tags and rich snippets)
  • Print integration through semi- or fully-automated processes
  • Enable customer data transfer through classifications via GS1, ETIM and Ecl@ss
  • Allow and integrate user-generated content such as comments, forum entries or other feedback

Process automatisation

If your data is available in a platform-independent format, a wide variety of publications can be created without having to carry out a lengthy data search or data preparation. Especially in catalogue generation, process automation plays an important role and appropriate technical solutions are needed to bring the data into the desired format.

In this area, too, we can offer you tailor-made solutions that include the following aspects in particular:

  • Office scripting
  • Data interfaces via XML/XSLT/XQuery
  • InDesign Scripting (important format for catalogue generation)

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