PANTOPIX continues to expand in 2024

Let’s take a brief look back: last year, many industries, including technical communication, experienced disruption due to advances in artificial intelligence applications.

We are currently in the midst of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way information is understood and communicated. The integration of AI into technical communication opens up unprecedented possibilities.

More than ever, however, we are convinced that metadata, semantic information models and knowledge graphs are necessary to provide information intelligently. And that they unfold their full potential in conjunction with language models. This is exactly what we implement together with our customers – individually and in line with the company-wide content strategy. Due to the rapid pace of change and the multitude of different solutions, we are increasingly seeing new challenges and needs among our customers. This is also reflected in the scope and depth of our projects.

Last year, we were able to grow enormously and double the size of our team thanks to long-standing customer relationships and major projects in the field of knowledge and information management. Thanks to the dedicated work of our employees and the continuous innovation of our services, we will be able to continue our expansion in 2024.

We are planning to hire new talent in the areas of consulting and development. We are looking for qualified and motivated new colleagues to join our dynamic team and shape the future together with us.

„I am impressed by PANTOPIX’s commitment to innovative solutions and pioneering work. The variety of projects we implement for clients from different sectors allows me to develop personally and professionally. I am proud to be part of a company that sets standards in the field of technical communication.“ – says Sofia Darie, Consultant Technical Communication at PANTOPIX.
With every new employee we recruit and every major project we take on, we are not only focusing on growth, but also on the power of innovation and the trust of our customers. Together we want to develop pioneering solutions for technical communication through the application of knowledge graphs and language models.
„We look forward to a promising future characterized by growth, innovation and successful partnerships.“ – says Karsten Becke, Managing Director at PANTOPIX.
Interested applicants are cordially invited to find out about open positions on our job portal.

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