We migrate your data and develop interfaces.

Our offer

We ensure a smooth and error-free process when migrating your old data into the new system. If all data is to be made usable, it is very likely that corresponding interfaces are also unavoidable. Our many years of technical expertise in the field of system migration and integration guarantee you a professional transition to the new system landscape.

Interfaces between data silos

The new infrastructure of your information system needs interfaces to other new or existing systems so that the data silos become a common data world and you are able to retrieve your product information intelligently at any time. We develop individual interfaces for you, which can be particularly interesting for the following programmes:

  • Connection with ERP system
  • CRM interface
  • Translation archive (translation memory system)
  • Direct connection to the webshop
  • Media archive (MAM)
  • CMS

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Maximilian Gärber
Senior Technical Consultant

Team Maximilian Gaerber