Webinar | Managing technical documentation for multichannel delivery in multiple languages

Creating and managing technical documentation in multiple languages is no easy task. If you also need to add in the complexities of multichannel delivery, then it can quickly become overwhelming – which is where structured content can help.
Get the answers in our webinar on 21th of April at 10 am.
In the first of our Structured Content Webinar series, Karsten Schrempp, CEO of PANTOPIX, and Jörg Schmidt, Senior Solution Consultant at SDL, will share their insights on best practice – derived from more than 20 years of experience in structured authoring and technical documentation.
You’ll hear how they’ve helped companies streamline content creation and distribution processes, together with their expert view on industry trends and technologies.
Attend this webinar to learn:
  • Why Desktop Publishing has become a bottleneck
  • XML, CCMS, SSP, DITA – what they mean and why you should care
  • How a structured content approach can deliver real benefits when applied to multilingual content creation and distribution
  • How technology can really help. A quick look at a market leading DITA CCMS
  • What future trends you should be watching
    • The rise of Subject Matter Experts and how to get the right people involved
    • Intelligent content delivery – or what do your customers expect today
    • AI support in creation and usage – or will robots replace technical authors

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