New Partnership with Calenco

PANTOPIX startet a partnership with Calenco in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We are really looking forward to accompany clients all along the Calenco project development : from analysis of contents for efficient migration and integration of existing documentation, training on the tool and up to technical support.  

Calenco is a collaborative SaaS platform for creation, translation and multi-media publication of strategic business documents like technical documents, contracts, reports, sales offers etc. Based on open standards for data and API, Calenco has its own editor (user interface) that makes the solution unique on the European market. Its tools are adopted in the transport and energy industry, in plant engineering, in software and medical technologies by major companies and medium-sized businesses. Calenco is convinced that we are at the beginning of a revolution in the way in which we create, share and disseminate reliable information in companies and communities, Calenco is investing in new technologies and know-how (artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.), to support its clients’ project leaders and prospects in adding value to their strategic content.

Find more information on Calenco here.

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