PANTOPIX at Ontotext Knowledge Graph Forum 2022

Ontotext‘s Knowledge Graph Forum will take place September 26-29 online and in various cities around the world. It’s an annual event that addresses the entire spectrum of business applications of knowledge graphs and the technology partner ecosystem needed to deliver those. The forum brings together clients, partners, and independent semantic technology experts to share their experience with knowledge graph development and application.

With presentations, live panel discussions, and networking opportunities, the Knowledge Graph Forum aims to give you perspectives, knowledge and ideas about how to approach your enterprise data challenges with graph technology.

You will hear from world-leading experts about:

  • Knowledge graph capabilities, vision, value, and differentiation
  • Vertical use cases for enterprise knowledge graphs across Financial Services & Publishing; Life Sciences & Healthcare; Manufacturing, Energy & Infrastructure
  • The value of graph technology for the enterprise

As a partner of Ontotext, we are very pleased to be able to participate on September 27 with a focus on mechanical engineering and manufacturing. Karsten Schrempp, founder and Managing Director of PANTOPIX, will present concrete customer projects and show advantages of knowledge graphs in his talk. Read more about our partnership with Ontotext.

Expert Talk

Knowledge Graphs as game changer in technical communication
September 27, 2022 | 7.00 pm

Speaker: Karsten Schrempp, PANTOPIX

Machinery and plant engineering companies all over the world are highly interested in the use of knowledge graphs at the moment. We show different use cases based on customer projects. We use a knowledge graph to create a technical representation of products and integrate this information with content from technical documentation in operational and service processes. The audience will gain insights into the use of knowledge graphs, their importance and versatility, and realize that graph technology is the future in technical communication.


Karsten Schrempp
Founder & Managing Director, PANTOPIX

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Maraike Heim
Senior Marketing Manager