Service Maturity Model

Regardless of a company’s chosen service strategy, it is essential that the relevant information is available exactly when it is needed – both at the “point of need” and at the “moment of need”. This information should be specifically tailored to the product and tasks, adapted to the level of training and accompanied by a well thought-out user and rights concept. This applies to the entire service process. It is very important for companies to know and implement the appropriate provision of information in line with their service strategy. To this end, we have developed a tried and tested maturity model.

Information Provision and Knowledge Transfer in Service

This maturity model describes the provision of service information from simple static provision, through dynamic provision of automatically networked information, to the platform for knowledge exchange and the digital information twin. provision of automatically networked information to the platform for knowledge exchange and the digital information twin. In our maturity model, each level of information provision is defined with the basic functionalities and added value achieved for the service. This allows companies to classify themselves and make an informed decision as to whether a higher level could improve their service and what needs to be done to achieve this.

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Introduction of a Knowledge Platform at ZEISS Microscopy

The Empolis Service Express knowledge platform was introduced at ZEISS Microscopy with the aim of creating a central access point for service employees.
All service information is now made available centrally: the efficiency and effectiveness of the service team is further improved, processes are accelerated and service quality is generally enhanced

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