PANTOPIX with talk at Poolparty Summit 2023

On March 7 and 8, the PoolParty Summit of the Semantic Web Company will take place for the second time. Virtual talks, presentations and demos will focus on applications with PoolParty and the power of networking data systems in times of digital transformation. You can register now, the detailed program will follow soon.

Looking at the hot topics, PoolParty Summit 2023 attendees will learn how users have managed to achieve stability in turbulent times and keep their customers happy. Decoupling hybrid work formats and cluttered data management systems has been a challenging issue for companies to respond to in recent years. The PoolParty Summit will demonstrate how users can proactively deal with hurdles.

As a long-time partner of the Semantic Web Company, we are very excited to be participating again this year with a talk – we were at the first PoolParty Summit back in 2021. Our talk is in the track ‘Workplace Productivity’. This track will explore how semantic technologies can be used to mitigate problems with organizational silos and ineffective workflows. Learn how PoolParty users have automated internal processes, created centralized knowledge spaces, and reduced costs.

Expert Talk

Intelligent authorisation with knowledge graphs
Speaker: Karsten Schrempp
March 7, 4.45 pm

Knowledge Graphs help to bring together information from different information silos. They connect information smartly and turn it into explicit knowledge. The key to provide the relevant information for each user is to use an intelligent access management, which should be based on the available classification criteria. Users are described by the same categories as the available content itself.

We will show you how to use semantic technologies to define profiles and control access to internal or external information silos with intelligent certificates derived from the knowledge model.

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