Webinar | First-Delivery-Approach with Fluid Topics

Content delivery platforms are the future of knowledge management and information sharing. Today, companies need to share information quickly and efficiently with their employees, customers and partners. The Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform reinvents the publishing of technical content: it combines technical content from any source and format into an intelligent knowledge hub and then delivers it seamlessly and personalised across different channels and devices to the desired target audience. In this way, Fluid Topics helps companies to fully exploit the value of their information.

We are delighted to have Fluid Topics as a strong software partner at our side and to host our first joint webinar on 27 June. Join Karsten Schrempp, founder of PANTOPIX, and Fabrice Lacroix, CEO of Fluid Topics, to learn how Dynamic Content Delivery can generate added value from your existing content, regardless of the tools and methods you currently use, and how to achieve quick wins to gain support for your organisation’s content project.

Organisations want to improve their user experience through valuable content services. However, they often feel overwhelmed by the thought of completely overhauling their technical document production process, which can be time-consuming and costly. In the webinar, we aim to demonstrate that organisations can improve their user journey and achieve a solid ROI without waiting to redesign their content. By focusing first on delivery and then on content optimisation, they can improve the content restructuring process and reap the benefits of an improved user experience immediately.


Learn with Karsten Schrempp, CEO and Founder PANTOPIX, and Fabrice Lacroix, CEO and Founder Fluid Topics:

    • How Dynamic Content Delivery generates added value from your existing content, regardless of the writing tools and methods currently in use.
    • How to achieve quick wins and build rapid ROI to gain support for your organisation’s content project
    • How to optimise your project for the shift to structured authoring and make it a success


Karsten Schrempp

Fabrice Lacroix
Founder & CEO, Fluid Topics

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Maraike Heim
Senior Marketing Manager