Richter Pharma AG as new customer for our PIM system

We are very pleased to have won Richter Pharma AG as a new customer for the implementation of a product information management system.

As the market-leading veterinary pharmaceutical retailer in Austria, Richter Pharma AG has made it its business to support veterinarians in their daily work by supplying them with pharmaceuticals, feed and practice supplies.

With the implementation of a powerful product information management system (PIM system), all relevant product data will be managed and stored centrally in the future. With the corresponding publication processes, the data will be made available for print and web store.

By using a PIM system, data quality can be ensured, work can be done more effectively and efficiently, and up-to-date publications can be realized in the catalog and webshop for customers and partners.

We are particularly proud to support Richter Pharma AG, another veterinary pharmaceutical company, in the area of product information management and the publication of product catalogs. This means that the leading veterinary medicine companies are among our customers.

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Maraike Heim
Senior Marketing Manager

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