PANTOPIX at the first Pool Party Summit

At the Pool Party Summit on November 3-4, 2021, learn how to improve your experience with the PoolParty Semantic Suite and implement powerful semantic technologies to make your processes smarter. You can expect numerous exciting presentations: PANTOPIX will provide insights into 2 specific customer projects with a presentation.

The PoolParty Summit 2021 is designed to encourage customers, partners, experts and interested parties to share their experiences with semantic technologies with each other and with the PoolParty team. Join the first PoolParty Summit 2021 online to learn how PoolParty users are benefiting from their specific applications of the software in different industries and needs.

See how you can benefit from holistic 360-degree views of your data with Enterprise 360, learn how you can build robust platforms such as recommendation systems, question-answering systems, or semantic search based on your existing PoolParty taxonomies, and get a deep dive into the software’s key current and planned features.

Our expert talk

PoolParty Use Case in Digital Asset Management (DAM):
Knowledge graphs in machinery and plant engineering

November 3, 3.00 pm
Karsten Schrempp, PANTOPIX

Machinery and plant engineering companies all over the world are highly interested in the use of knowledge graphs at the moment. We show two different use cases based on customer projects: service portal and market/competitor intelligence.

Companies have to offer their customers excellent service. To do this, support organizations need various information such as technical product data, spare parts information or repair instructions. Knowledge graphs can be used to provide this information intelligently. We demonstrate how relevant information is connected in knowledge graphs to quickly provide service technicians with all information in a service portal, thus improving and shortening the service process.

To improve and support their sales process, companies need competitor information. We point out how a knowledge graph can be used to model your own products and those of the competition and link them to the necessary sales information.

And by the way, digital twins won’t work without knowledge graphs either.

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