PANTOPIX as Gold Sponsor at the SEMANTiCS Conference in Leipzig

From September 20 to 22, the SEMANTiCS Conference – the leading European conference on Linked Data, Semantic AI and Data Science – will take place again in Leipzig. An inspiring programme for experts, decision makers and researchers invites to exchange about new technologies, innovations and company implementations.

As a Gold Sponsor, PANTOPIX will again be present on site with an exhibition booth and two exciting presentations. Together with Klaus Müller and Andreas Pawlik from ZEISS Microscopy, Maximilian Gärber, Partner and Technical Consultant at PANTOPIX, will provide insight into our pioneering project.

In addition, Dr. Martin Ley, Partner and Consultant at PANTOPIX, and Johann Wagner, Knowledge Engineer at PANTOPIX, will report on the creation of a knowledge model in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are looking forward to an exchange at our booth: many colleagues will be on site in Leipzig and are looking forward to getting to know each other and to an exciting event with new input on semantic technologies.

We answered a few questions about semantics and AI-powered applications. Read the interview here.

Our Expert Talks

Intelligent Service Agent at ZEISS
Speaker: Klaus Müller and Andreas Pawlik, ZEISS Microscopy, Maximilian Gärber, PANTOPIX

More information following here soon.

Knowledge Models as Silver Bullet for Quality Intelligence
Speaker: Dr. Martin Ley and Johann Wagner, PANTOPIX

In many highly regulated industries, in particular the pharmaceutical industry, controlled vocabularies are state of the art. In addition, companies typically provide their own terminology. Internal as well as standard vocabularies may refer to different concepts and are subject to changes over time.

This situation very often makes it a herculean task to compare labels and/or concepts, update vocabularies, trace changes, and, after all, make use of controlled vocabularies for downstream processes such as information retrieval and information delivery. For instance, a content management system may contain tags from previous versions of the vocabulary, and users need to de-reference those labels or trace their life cycle.

In this talk, we illustrate how we solved these challenges for an industry partner in the pharmaceutical industry with its high standards for data quality and system/process validation. We show how we combined public and custom-made ontologies, integrated vocabularies from various sources and integrated mechanisms for versioning based on PROV-O in our knowledge model. In addition, we demonstrate how a querying module is integrated into the customer’s workflows, providing the basis for future applications such as autoclassification, information retrieval and intelligent information delivery.

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