Interview with Adel Muratovic – Trainee IT specialist

Photo: Adel at his workplace at PANTOPIX

Adel Muratovic began his training as an IT specialist for system integration at PANTOPIX last year. This makes him the first apprentice in the company.

PANTOPIX has grown enormously in recent years. In order to give the next generation a chance to learn and grow in this innovative working environment, we are once again looking for trainees to join our team this year.

We took the opportunity to ask Adel a few questions to give you a little insight into everyday life as a trainee at PANTOPIX.

Adel, why do you want to train as an IT specialist?
Information technology has always been one of my great passions. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to do vocational training in this field.

How did you find PANTOPIX as a training company?
I searched online for training companies in my region and came across PANTOPIX on the platform. The company and the profile I was looking for immediately appealed to me.

How have the first weeks and months at PANTOPIX been?
I’ve felt very comfortable in the company and with my colleagues since I started. I have some recurring tasks and already have my own responsibilities. But there are also always new and exciting tasks that challenge me.

What does your area of responsibility look like now?
I was actually given really exciting tasks right from the start, such as writing scripts for Linux or providing new servers or setting up laptops for new colleagues. I can already work very independently – that’s great.

What do you particularly like about the apprenticeship? Did you imagine it would be like this?
Yes, I think that’s how I imagined it would be. I particularly like the great helpfulness of the whole team. I immediately felt like an integral part of the team. I also don’t have to worry if I do something wrong. That’s really worth a lot!

What do you wish for your professional future?
I hope that I can successfully complete my apprenticeship and continue to work in the company and explore my options.

Thank you very much, Adel. We are very pleased that you are doing your apprenticeship as an IT specialist with us and that you are able to support us so well after such a short time. We hope you will learn a lot more during your training with us and at the vocational school in Kempten. We look forward to being able to accompany you.

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