Graphifi and PANTOPIX partner up

Graphifi and PANTOPIX pursue the same goal: both of us are committed to developing intelligent solutions using semantics and AI. Graphifi offers a set of software explicitly designed for building scalable knowledge graph solutions. On the other hand, PANTOPIX assists customers through consulting and implementation services to meet their information requirements. Recognizing the synergy in our capabilities, we have decided to form a partnership for upcoming projects to collectively create smart solutions for our clients.

Since 2019, Graphifi provides services and applications to help organisations with building knowledge graphs, using semantic technologies, harnessing AI and adopting structured authoring. Graphifi’s products are based on a simple idea – making it easy to get going, to do so quickly and with low cost, but importantly with a focus on user experience.

We started Graphifi because we found we kept solving the same problem over and over and it took a lot of time and a lot money to do this. We decided there was a better way and so Graphifi was formed.”, – says Paul Appleby, Founder of Graphifi.

PANTOPIX has many years of expertise in supporting companies in optimizing their information processes and ensuring the maximum added value of their digital data.

We help our customers to navigate through the digital transformation. Together, we build an information ecoysystem that allows them to access data from different systems in a flexible, targeted and intelligent way. We develop pioneering solutions for technical communication by using semantic technologies.

With Graphologi, Graphifi have provided a powerful tool for taxonomists and ontologists for building knowledge models of specific domains”, – says Johann Wagner, Knowledge Engineer at PANTOPIX

We are looking forward to collaborating on innovative customer projects that involve smart solutions in technical communication.

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