Component Content Alliance: the future of structured content

The Component Content Alliance (CCA) is a global community of organizations united to promote and advance best practices for component-based content management and structured content. The focus is on collective learning, driving innovation and improving practices across the industry.

The Component Content Alliance brings together a wide range of companies, including software vendors, content management providers and industry consultants.

The CCA aims to help companies create, manage and distribute their content in a more efficient, cost-effective and scalable way. And to create a forum for collaboration and information sharing between industry leaders. CCA members participate in events and conferences, they publish joint research and share their experiences in workshops. The LinkedIn Community and the Content Component Alliance website contributes to the exchange of knowledge.

Why structured content?

The rapid growth of the group on LinkedIn clearly shows the great interest in a platform for exchange, networking and the desire for professional collaboration around structured content.

Topic or component-based, structured and reusable content supports improved quality and findability, flexible content customization, ensures consistency across all channels and offers translation cost reduction.

Although the benefits of structured content components are obvious, many companies still rely on outdated, inconsistent systems. This leads to challenges such as poor findability, high reuse costs and inconsistent user experiences.

The fundamental problem is that using modular content means adapting workflows, restructuring across the organization and changing mindsets. We and all members of the Content Component Alliance are convinced that change is inevitable and absolutely worthwhile. Join CCA on LinkedIn and learn more.

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