Introduction of Tridion Docs as the new editorial system at KAESER Compressors

Die KAESER Compressors SE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of compressed air products and services. The range of products and services includes compressed air generation, compressed air treatment and compressed air distribution. The family-owned company was founded in 1919 as a mechanical engineering workshop, and today KAESER produces at three locations in Germany. The company employs more than 6700 people around the world.

Editorial system for the creation of technical documentation

Together with PANTOPIX, KAESER Compressors has introduced a new editorial system for the creation of technical documentation. The SAP Knowledge Warehouse, which had been in use for 15 years, had to be replaced by a new solution as the development of the existing editorial environment had been discontinued. The decision for a new Component Content Management System (CCMS) was quickly made in favor of Tridion Docs from RWS, as various RWS products were already being used successfully in the company and the solution offers out-of-the-box support for the DITA standard.

DITA has been established as an editorial architecture in the company for years. Content can be created as topics and reused in a modular fashion. This topic-based structuring of content should definitely be retained in the new content management system. The existing documents were migrated to the DITA 1.3 format and old complex legacy structures were dissolved. The necessary specializations were implemented with RELAX NG and Schematron.

An important enhancement is the seamless integration of translation management into the new editing system. The new solution enables intelligent process simplification and validation of translated documents.

Simplified processes ensure a reduction in manual effort

With a 20-strong team consisting of technical editors, developers and consultants, Tridion Docs was introduced in close collaboration within a year and a half as a new editorial system that far surpasses the outdated editorial system in terms of functionality and handling. All challenges were overcome thanks to transparent and agile project management. PANTOPIX accompanied the project from the very beginning and supported it with data modeling, process definitions and project management. The extensive migration of the existing technical documentation and the revision of the DITA DTD involved a great deal of effort for the entire project team. In the end, the entire KAESER editorial team was rewarded with a considerable reduction in manual effort and simplified processes. We are delighted that the employees at KAESER Kompressoren can now create technical documents and deliver digital content more easily and efficiently.

With Tridion Docs as an editorial system, our technical editorial team is equipped to meet all the requirements of modern technical documentation. These come, for example, from our own product development or from the entry into force of new regulations such as the new European Machinery Directive. With the help of PANTOPIX, we were able to adopt existing, established processes, simplify some of them or adapt them to the new way of working and find good solutions for new challenges. The collaboration was always uncomplicated, trusting and efficient.”, – says Hella Tischer, Systems Manager at KAESER.

Decision for Tridion Docs from RWS

Hella Tischer, Systems Manager at KAESER, and Karsten Schrempp, Managing Director of PANTOPIX, gave a detailed insight into the project at the tekom Annual Conference 2021. 

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