TC World Magazine 03/23

Intelligently linking information - with the help of knowledge graphs

Knowledge graphs are one of the top trends in applied Artificial Intelligence. But what exactly are they? And what could they be used for in a domain like technical communication?

Bringing together different information from different silos is becoming increasingly important. We will illustrate this challenge by putting ourselves in the situation of a fictitious mechanical engineering company, specializing in the development, production, sales, and servicing of hydraulic pumps.

Our company knows quite a lot about a particular hydraulic pump. It knows, for example, which product line a pump belongs to. It also knows in which plant the pump is installed, and where the plant is located. The company even knows when the pump reaches a critical maintenance cycle, what procedures then need to be performed, and which supplies are required during maintenance.

In this article, we will use this scenario to introduce the linking and virtualization of typically heterogeneous information.

Autor: Prof. Dr. Martin Ley

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